How to get to Ninh Binh from Cat Ba Island

How to get to Ninh Binh from Cat Ba Island? We will answer that question for you in this article and your trip will be really easier.

Get to Ninh Binh from Cat Ba Island

Located in North of Vietnam, Ninh Binh has always been famous for the splendors of Tam Coc, Trang An Hoa Lu, Van Long, Cuc Phuong, especially after the release of "Kong Island" - a Hollywood movie about a journey of adventures to explore the mythical, uncharted island.

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Book a bus to Cat Ba

  1. Hanoi to Cat Ba
  2. Cat Ba to Hanoi

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Our bus will take you to the center of Ninh Binh and from there you can easily go to every corner of the city.


Get to Ninh Binh by bus

Bus Cat Ba Express from Hanoi (recommended)

More information Bus from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh and Bus Ninh Binh to Cat Ba Island

  • Departure: Daily guarantee
  • Time from Cat Ba : 08:00 Am from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh
  • Time from Ninh Binh: 13:30 Pm from Ninh Binh to Cat Ba
  • Duration: 4,30 – 5:00 hours
  • Cost: 15 USD/person/trip

Hotline/ Whatsapp: +84 84 824 4999 Email:

From Cat Ba to Ben Binh (mainland of Hai Phong)

Book a speed boat ticket from Cat Ba Town to get to Ben Binh (nearby Lac Long Bridge) in Hai Phong City center. It takes about 60 mins.

Cat Ba Island Resort & Spam Speed Boat.

Address: No. 41, Binh Street, Hong Bang, Hai Phong.

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Binh Speed Boat

Timeline of Binh speed boat

Binh to Cat BaCat Ba to Binh

60 mins. Price: ~250,000 VND.


  • Children's under 5 accompanied by parents travel free of charge.
  • For a group of 16 people or more, tour guide can travel free of charge.
  • Tax is yet included in price above.

From Ben Binh to Ninh Binh

You have to go to Niem Nghia Bus Station to find the bus to go to Ninh Binh City. A local taxi will take you from 50.000-70.000 VND to get to the bus station.

One of the most reputative companies that run bus service to Ninh Binh is Hoang Long. Travel by bus with Hoang Long will cost around 170,000 VND.

The travel time is about 3 hours. There are 3 buses everyday, from 3:00 PM to midnight.

Travel by public transportation is pretty cheap but nothing can guarantee a huslt-free trip to Ninh Binh since there are dozens of middle stops to pick-up hop-on and hop-off customers. The price can also be jacked up for foreigners and in holidays.

Get to Ninh Binh by taxi

You can send your request to every travel agent or hotel in Cat Ba. Taxi Cat Ba; Cat Ba Vision; Cat Ba Express are some decent options. It costs around 150$ - 170$/ car (depends on number of people).

If you take a taxi, you can go at any time, no middle stops and it is relatively faster than any other options.

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