Lan Ha Bay is located at the East of Cat Ba island and borders Halong Bay. The bay measures 7000 ha, of which 5400 ha are under management of the Cat Ba National Park.

This smooth area with a curvy shape counts around 400 large and small islands. The islands and islets of Lan Ha Bay are all covered with green lush.

Things to do Lan Ha Bay

What should you do at Lan Lan Bay?

Best time to visit Lan Ha Bay

Summer time is the best to go to Lan Ha Bay because the weather is hot, suitable for swimming and kayaking.

If you want to visit Cat Ba in autumn, it is fine too. However, the weather is colder with more storms.

Lan Ha Bay

Transport to Lan Ha Bay

From the center of Cat Ba, travel to Beo port and you can buy the sightseeing ticket here.

Then you can hire a boat to take you to the place you want.

If you just want to visit the surrounding places of bay (near the coastline,) you can hire a small motorboat from the locals.

With a large group, you can hire an entire boat at the pier.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay

1. Lan Ha bay - Kayaking paradise

 Lan Ha bay has hundreds of small sandy beaches and hundreds of small islets around, it is the paradise for those tourists want to kayak in a calm and clean water to discover the wild nature of Cat Ba islands.

Some famous places for kayaking here is Cai Beo floating village, Van Boi center area in the middle of the bay, Ba Trai Dao area or Monkey Island area...

2. Swimming in Lan Ha bay

There are many small beaches in Lan Ha bay for you to come to swimm and it is lovely to swimm at Monkey Island or Van Boi Con island.

3. Rock climbing in Lan Ha bay

Catba has an international Rockclimbing center and you can book a half or full day rock climbing trip at Monkey Island Resort booking office.

4. Visit Viet Hai fishing village

From Lan Ha bay, you can come to Viet Hai harbour and then take motobike or bicycle to come 6 km to visit Viet Hai fishing village in the Catba national park.

5. Visit floating village

You can come to visit Cai Beo floating village where people have to stay in floating houses, children go to shool by boat.

6. Play and stay at a private beach

There are some private beach which has bungalows for you to stay overnight. You can book a package tour or just book a room here and you have alot of time for activities in those bungalows like kayaking, swimming, playing beach volleyball, beach football...

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