From Hai Phong

I suppose you are not familiar with any of the places mentioned here so before we get down to the road of island - port – ferry terminal – flyover – etc., here are 3 parts of the journey with their associated spots:
(1) In Hai Phong City (mainland), we have a very important spot: Binh ferry terminal
(2) Then we have the transit island called Cat Hai Island. In this island, please remember the Got ferry terminal
(3) Finally, our final destination – Cat Ba Island. There’s two spots to remember: Cai Vieng ferry terminal and Phu Long port.

See the map below to have a better visualization.


Now it’s time to choose the route that fits you the best.

Option 1: You can take speedboat from Binh ferry terminal and go directly to Cat Ba Island (~250,000 VND – 45 mins). It’s fast but expensive.


Option 2: You can go to the flyover called Tan Vu – Lach Huyen that connect the mainland to Cat Hai Island. 


There’s a parking lot at the Got ferry terminal where you can park your motorbike/car or you can just bring them with you and pay some extra fees. Then from Got ferry terminal in this island, you take ferry (7,000 VND – every 30 minutes from 4 AM to 11 PM - duration: 30 mins) or speedboat (50,000 VND – duration: 8 mins) to Cat Ba Island. Depends of what means you choose, you will arrive in different places in Cat Ba Island. When you arrive in Cat Ba Island, take the bus to center town.

Ferry price

Ticket type Price
Traveler 7,000 VND / person
Motorbike 25,000 VND / bike
Under-9-seat car 95,000 VND / car
16-to-24-seat car 105,000 VND / car
24-to-32-seat car 120,000 VND / car
Over-32-seat car 180,000 VND / car



From Ha Long

From Ha Long, if you want to get to Cat Ba Island, take ferry in Tuan Chan ferry terminal.

Tuan Chau - Cat Ba timetable

Tuan Chau - Cat Ba Cat Ba - Tuan Chau
07:30 09:00
09:00 11:30
11:30 13:00
13:30 15:00
15:00 16:00

The last ferry of the day is at 3:00 PM and it’s usually crowded so make sure to get there early to buy the ticket. You can book by calling to their service number: 0203 3842 200.

A faster way is to take speedboat service provided by some private companies in the area. There’s not online booking so you have to go to Tuan Chau ferry terminal to buy the ticket. For private speedboat, it costs 30 USD, for group it’s just 7 USD but there’s only 2 speedboats per day at 8 AM and 1 PM.

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