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Unique Lan Ha - Halong bay full day tour

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Itinerary : One Day Tour
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Lan Ha Bay day tour and Halong Bay day trip with a peaceful and unhurried cruise, relaxing on the sun lounger or on the white sand beach, exploring the lush green island on kayak is a unique way to indulge yourself in luxury and natural beauty.

Ha Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay day tour

Ha Long Bay Full Day Tour

Highlight in Lan Ha Bay day tour

  1. Unique tour design with selective destinations to bring guests to lesser-known idyll spots but no less stunning than anywhere in the region.
  2. Extended time stay on the cruise (considerably longer than typical cruise day-tour).
  3. Explore the dreamy seascape on kayak.

Itinerary one day in Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay

- Hotel pick-up at Cat Ba Express Office - No.224, 1/4 Street (1st floor of Sea View hotel). Transfer by bus to Bèo dock.

- Board on a cruise, travel through Cai Beo - the biggest ancient floating village in Vietnam, pass Monkey island (no stop at Monkey island since we want to maximize your travel time for less crowded spots and more gorgeous sceneries) to get to the heart of Ha Lan Bay with dramatic scenery.

- Visit Di san floating house and see the Giant lucky fish, then the cruise glides through the fjords to Dau Be island and drops anchor, allows guests to explore the region by kayak. In case the tide is too high, you will cruise through Cua Van floating village, pass Rang Dua island, Frog island, etc. and go kayak in Dark & Bright Cave.

- Have lunch with seafood cooked in Vietnamese traditional way while the cruise keeps traveling slowly.

- Jump from the ship to hit the water or go swimming in Ba Trai Dao beach or just simply enjoy the splendor of the island from a deck chair.

- Glide back to the mainland, which provides passengers a good view of the azure blue sea with craggy peaks dotted with foliage

- Drop-off at your hotel

Timetable Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay one day




Board on cruise


Visit floating village - national heritage

See giant lucky fish

Go kayaking


Have lunch
Go swimming and relax


Cruise to mainland



Unique Lan Ha - Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay 1 day visit the tourist spots

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay has an area of ​​over 7,000 hectares with the spectacular beauty of about 400 large and small islands.

Carrying in many interesting shapes, unlike Ha Long Bay, all the islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with greenery, even if they are only extremely small islands.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of three famous bays in the Gulf of Tonkin, Ha Long Bay along with Cat Ba Island is a natural wonder recognized by Unesco as a world natural heritage.

With thousands of small islands scattered all over the bay, Ha Long Bay is truly majestic, lively and beautiful, creating a great tourist attraction attracting millions of visitors each year.

Blessed with nature and with a large investment of the state, Ha Long is now the place to attract the most foreign visitors in Vietnam.

Dau Be Island

In the journey of Dau Be Island is the second stop, where visitors will use kayaking to visit the beautiful and impressive Ho Ba Ham.

Dau Be Island is located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, 500m from Hang Trai Island to the East, about 28km from Bai Chay Tourist Ship Port, in an island complex located on the route outside Ha Long Bay (Lan Ha Seaport), standing between the two islands is Tra Ngu island and Da Ooc island.

The island has an area of ​​22,863 m2 with the highest peak of 139m, the island wall is erected like a wall of big waves from the East into the Bay.

The island mountains are honed by nature to create very wonderful and strange shapes.

Inside Dau Be Island, there are 6 freshwater lakes, the most famous of which is Ho Ba Ham, along with Dau Be Island combined into a fascinating and interesting sightseeing route for visitors.

Kayaking Ba Ham

Kayaking Ba Ham

Ho Ba Ham still retains its mysterious and untouched beauty due to no human impact or existing construction works.

Compared to the sights on Ha Long Bay, visitors who want to discover the beauty of Ho Ba Ham can only use a bamboo boat or kayak and have to choose when the tide comes down to row through the cave to get into the lake.

The road to the first lake is a cave about 150m long, 10m wide, the ceiling of the highest place is about 1.5-2m.

The road to the second lake on the right follows the entrance direction, about 60m long. The second lake has the largest area of ​​three lakes, with an area of ​​about 1,000m2.

Also from the first lake, the left underground cave is about 60m long, the road to the third lake, an area of ​​about 600m2.

In Ho Ba Ham, four sides of the cliff surrounded, the space is completely still, only the sound of birds singing in harmony with the sky, the water of Ha Long; the sound of the rowing paddle gently patting the side of the boat.

Through the dimly lit caverns, each of the stalactites floats down with many strange shapes.

Along the way, sometimes it seems like the front is a stone wall blocking the way because the space is covered in dark black, but if you go on the paddle, the small light starts to appear again, a new scene appeared again.

There are very large places, there is a narrow place, there is a fence, there is a quiet section, a charming landscape.

Ba Trai Dao Beach

Ba Trai Dao BeachThree Fruit Peaches are three small mountains, about 20 meters tall, looking as far away as three first peaches. This place is associated with a legend of romantic love between the beautiful young fairy, the naive with the poor fishing guy.

Because he is naked, the youngest girl stole three of Hoang Hoang's first peach fruits for him to eat with the hope that the two will live together forever.

Ngoc Hoang knew the instant story of turning the three peaches into three rocky mountains and forced the female fairy to return to heaven ...

Beautiful Ba Trai Dao beach, fine white sand, clear blue sea, beautiful sunny days, visitors can look to the bottom of the water.

Compared to other beaches on Ha Long Bay, Ba Trai Dao beach is more shallow, with only one place to reach the knee. Because the surrounding island is rocky, the beach is quite airy and safe.

The cliffs above the beach create strange shapes that make visitors extremely excited when they come here to be photographed once with this impressive beauty ...



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