How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi by motorbike

Ha Giang

by judohanoi

The route from Hanoi Old Quarter to Ha Giang Town by motorbike is 300km so it takes about 8 hours going non-stop.

But if you want to visit the North Pole, that would be 467 km in 12 hours. Following Google Map with the options of direction for motorbike seems to be the most convenient way.

So prepare a powerbank in case your phone dies. If you travel in group, divide the route into shorter paths and assign each member to lead so that you can save battery for the group.

Ha Giang to Hanoi

For that route (as in the picture below) you can visit Meo Vac on the way. Meo Vac region is famous for love markets where people of the ethnic minority Hmong, Tay and Lo Lo flock to seek a life partner or a change in partner.

The most famous one called Khau Vai market is held once a year on the 27th March of the lunar calendar (in 2019, the date would be Wednesday, May 1, 2019 solar calendar - Western calendar.) With perfect timing, you can get there by the time of "Love market" and experience such distinguished customs.

Cho Tinh Khau Vai

Plum flower

Dong Van

Enjoy your trip!

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