Ba Ham Lake, Lan Ha Bay

Ba Ham Lake, Lan Ha Bay

When you visit Lan Ha bay, besides enjoying the white sand, sounds of natural movement, lush green water beating rock mountains on the bay, you can also go kayaking on many beautiful areas to feel yourself a part of nature.

One of the most glorious places, yet so far to easily reach, is Ba Ham Lake.

Overview Ba Ham lake Halong Bay

Ba Ham Lake in fact is a sunk cluster depression (known as “Áng”), or simply put, is a funnel. It is a typical type of karst terrain in Lan Ha Bay.

Lake is a part of Dau Be island range, adjacent to Cat Ba Island.

The lake consists of 3 big connected lakes through 3 narrow tunnels (hầm), which gives its name Ho Ba Ham (Three Tunnels Lake).

Though each tunnel decorated with mesmerizingly alluring stalactites, a whole new world of enchanting natural landscape will pervade your sight.

Map Ba Ham lake

Mentioned in “Merveille de Monde” (1938) which was to introduce all beautiful places, Ba Ham surpass Surprising Grotto and Luon Cave with the same impression but more charming landscape.

The lake is surrounded by an upstanding mountain range which isolates it from the outside world.

The mountain range was dotted with numerous types of beautiful plants including orchids (phong lan), ficus tree (si), banyan (đa), cycas pectinata (thiên tuế), etc.

Not only it allures visitors with faint aroma from wild plants but it also gives us a sense of coming back to nature by the appearance of so many wild animals such as yellow monkeys, birds and squirrels.

Ba Ham Lake Halong Bay

Meanwhile, under the azure water living plenty kinds of sea animals. Sometimes you can also see through the calm water and watch the lively life of all those creatures.

A moment of sonder might flood over suddenly just by looking at the tiny schools of fish swimming around your kayak paddles.

Kayaking in Ba Ham lake

If you have chance to pay Ba Ham Lake a visit, do not ever miss that!