Top special foods you should not miss when coming to Cat Ba island

Top Foods in Cat Ba Island

Life is too short for going on diet. If someone lectures you on how much you have already eaten, eat them too!

As you may know and realize, food speaks for itself. Those pictures and short description might be nothing compare to the first-hand experience but hopefully you can have have some ideas to plan a menu to treat yourself in the island.

Here are some (out of uncountable) special food in Cat Ba Island that you definitely have to try when you get to the island.

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Tu Hài (Geoduck Clam)

Geoduck Clams, also known as Geoduck, are known as rare seafood with high nutrition and special taste. Not only Geoduck Clams are nutritious but it is also said to help power your man.

Geoduck Clam

Cá Song (Garrupa)

Garrupas are the fish living in the warm water areas of Pacific Ocean and there are up to 37 types in that breed. In Vietnam, there are about 30 types.

Cat Ba Island has the most nutritious types including: “cá song mỡ”, “cá song đen” và “cá song cáo”.

Garrupa is suitable to make a lot of dishes such as salad, porridge, hot pot, steamed garrupa, grilled garrupa but steamed garrupa or any other kind of seafood is always the first choice to consider because that way people can feel the original taste of the food. Simplicity is the best.


Tôm Hùm (Lobster)

No need to talk much on the king of seafood as it's always listed on the top of any restaurant's menu.

Lobster in Cat Ba Island is fresh thank to the rich sea surrounding so customers always have the best dish to relish.

In some restaurant, you can even see all the lobsters and other seafood and pick whatever you want them to cook for you, however, you want.


Rắn Biển (Sea Serpent)

Sea Serpents have small and slim bodies, about 1-2m long with scales. Their small heads are covered with horns; the venomous teeth are located in the upper jaw.

When people process sea serpents, they will remove their organs, leaving only the bile and fat layer.

After that, rinsing the blood in their bodies by 90-degree alcohol (do not wash with water) and then dry them.

The fresh blood of sea serpents is mixed with wine and aroma to drink, it can treat dizziness, back pain, bone aches, etc.

Sea Serpent

Cá Hồng và Cá Giò (Red Snapper and Cobia)

It's a fantastic food that'll keep you going from lunch till dinner, when you'll probably come back for another.

Red Snapper and Cobia

Bún Tôm Cát Bà (Shrimp noodle)

Shrimp noodle satisfy the pickiset customers by its taste of the broth, the aroma of fresh sea shrimp, fish balls, the indispensable smell of betel leaf wrapped pork balls.

Especially, the taste of sour tamarind juice can completely replace for the taste of vinegar and lemon. The noodle is served with a little bit of raw vegetables and some chili when eating.

Shrimp noodle

Enjoy your trip to Cat ba!

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