Cat Ba National Park Hai Phong Vietnam

Cat Ba Notional Park

Cat Ba National Park the national treasure, is home to more than 3.860 kinds of fauna and flora, 130 of which are classified as rare and 67 as extremely rare as listed by IUCN, and 21 are the rarest creatures in the world.

Explore Cat Ba National Park

One of the world's rarest primates - Voọc (Trachypithecus poliocephalus), only survives in Cat Ba Island, with 63 of them currently under the strict official protection of Cat Ba National Park.

Babies are born with ginger fur, which gradually turns black from the tail end. Yong infants used to cling to their mum for dear life.

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Vooc Cat Ba

 As they get older, they get bolder and take more risks. Those that survive spend a lot of time traveling. Experienced adults know precisely where to find seasonal foods.

Vooc Cat Ba

If you are an adventurous person, going trekking in Cat Ba National Park would be an unforgettable memory. It is the feeling of trekking through the forest and enjoying the vast remarkable landscape at the end of the trail.

Ngu Lam Peak

by Zoltán Nagy

If you start from Hanoi at 7:30 AM by bus, you might be able to get to Cat Ba National Park at around 11:00 AM.

The trail is about 8 km through the forest with big tropical trees with curiously weird shaped roots and branches along the way.

Trekking Cat Ba national park

by Larisa Volosnikova

The first 100 meters can be very dangerous and challenging, with some streams suddenly crossing the path.

Trekking Cat Ba National Park\

When you go deeper into the wood, the trail will get smaller and craggy.

Trekking Cat Ba national park

Sometimes the trail can be so mysterious like what you were dreaming of as a child.

Trekking Cat Ba national park

by 김상문

You'll have friend requests from many beautiful creatures along the way.


by Rutger Smeets

Around 1 PM you might get to Frog Pond. You can have a break here, chit-chat with your friends, and have some snacks while looking at the still water with lush green trees raising up.

Ao Ech

Keep going for 4 more kilometers, you will see Viet Hai village.

If you go here in late winter or mid-summer, you can see the locals busy preparing the age-old paddy fields ready for the new planting.

The rice terraces are still plowed by domesticated water buffaloes.

viet hai village

Besides cultivation, the local also go fishing, thanks to the rich water circling the village.

viet hai village

From Viet Hai village, you can board feey to go back to the center of town and enjoy the busy nightlife there.

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