Ticket and Schedule of Ferry from Got to Cai Vieng

Ferry tickets in Got pier

See the most recent information of ferry tickets from Got Pier to Cai Vieng station for travelers who are visiting Cat Ba this summer. Here's the most updated information of ticket price, ferry schedule.

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Ferry Got - Cat Ba

Free tickets for citizens of Cat Hai in Got Pier

According to the dispatch number 5741/VP-GT3 issued by People Committee of Hai Phong City in December 18, 2018, citizens of Cat Hai are receiving ferry transportation at Got Pier with lower price or completely free of charge.

Specifically, the dispatch mentions:

  • All students and teachers that has permanent residence in Cat Hai district.
  • Keep the low price (same as the price before its recent change) for all citizens who have permanent residence in Cat Hai district. It applies for passengers, bicycles, motorbikes, and non-business under-9-seat cars.
  • The dispatch is valid from January 1, 2019.

Important Note: We only update the most recent updated information provided by the Manager Board of Got Pier for travelers. We are not providing ticket booking service for customers.
Customers have to buy tickets directly in Got Pier.

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Price of ferry ticket in Got Pier

Applied for travelers and their vehicles using ferry transportation in Got Pier

1. Passenger (New price): 12,000đ/ticket

2. Passenger with bicycle (New price): 12,000đ/ticket

3. Passenger with motorbike (New price): 45,000đ/ticket

4. Under-9-seat car (New price): 190,000đ/ticket

5. Transportation bus:

- 24-to-31-seat bus: 240,000đ/ticket

- From-32-seat bus: 330,000đ/ticket

- 9-to-23-seat bus: 210,000đ/ticket

6. Truck and similar vehicles:

+ Under 01 ton

- With packages: 220.000đ/ticket

- Withour packages: 145.000đ/ticket

+ From 01 to 03 ton

- With packages: 420.000đ/ticket

- Withour packages: 250.000đ/ticket

+ From 03 to 05 ton

- With packages: 510.000đ/ticket

- Withour packages: 380.000đ/ticket

+ From 05 to 10 ton

- With packages: 790.000đ/ticket

- Withour packages: 470.000đ/ticket

+ From 10 to 13 ton

- With packages: 970.000đ/ticket

- Withour packages: 520.000đ/ticket

Got - Cai Vieng ferry schedule

The schedule is subject to change, especially in high seasons. Yet, the changes are usually minor and do not cause much incovenience for travelers to Cat Ba Island.

Departure time
No.Got PierCai Vieng
15h30’ (big ferry)5h00’ (big ferry)
26h00’ (big ferry)5h30’ (big ferry)
36h30’ (big ferry)6h00’ (big ferry)
58h00’ (big ferry)7h30’ (big ferry)
79h00’ (big ferry)8h30’ (big ferry)
89h30’ (big ferry)9h00’ (big ferry)
910h00’ (big ferry)9h30’ (big ferry)
1010h30’ (big ferry)10h00’ (big ferry)
1211h30’ (big ferry)11h00’ ((big ferry)
1412h30’ (big ferry)12h00’ (big ferry)
1613h30’ (big ferry)13h00’ (big ferry)
1814h30’ (big ferry)14h00’ (big ferry)
2015h30’ (big ferry)15h00’ (big ferry)
2216h30’ (big ferry)16h00’ (big ferry)
2317h00’ (big ferry)16h30’ (big ferry)
2417h30’ (big ferry)17h00’ (big ferry)
2518h00’(big ferry)17h30’ (big ferry)

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