Cat Ba Cable Car

Cat Ba cable car has been put into operation by Sun World on the Cat Hai - Phu Long route with a length of 3,955m and with the same ticket price for adults, children, and locals at 100,000 VND/ticket/way.

Cat Ba Cable Car

Promotion ticket price:100.000VND/ way
Vehicle:Cable Car
Travel time:15 minutes
Open time:8h00
Close time:15h45
Book Ticket via Whatsapp/ Zalo/ Call+84976951999

Time of Cable Car

Cat Ba Cable Car temporarily stops from October 2, 2023, until the latest announcement.

Usually, the cable car will operate again before April 30 next year.

Time of Cable Car

Cable car hours operate from 9h30 to 15:45, lunch break from 11:30 to 13:30.

How much to take Cat Ba Cable Car?

Promotion ticket price: 100,000đ/ 1Pax/ 1 Way

Contact us now to get the best price for your getaway!

Hotline/WhatsApp: +84 976951999 (Mr. Hien)

Promotion Cruise

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Cat Ba Cable Car

Who is the owner of Cat Ba Cable Car?

Sun Group is one of the leading incorporation in leisure travel industry with excellent constructions recognized by experts wordwide.

With the motto "new breath, new vitality" for all the lands they come accross, Sun Group decided to land their investment in the pearl of Tonkin Gult - Cat Ba Island.

Sun Group Cat Ba Project is under remarkable progress with the completion of the first sessions such as parking lots. The next phase will start the construction of the world longest sea-crossing cable car.

Cat Ba Cable Car

How long is Cat Ba Cable Car route?

The length of Cat Ba Cable Car on the front line Cat Hai - Phu Long is 3,955m long. When all 5 stations are completed, Sun World Cat Ba cable car is about 21km long and will be the largest cable car in the world.

Cat Ba Cable Car - Cat Hai

In order to build a green environment with green transportation means while ensuring connections among tourism destinations, Cat Ba Cable Car Project will not only protect environment but also create fresh and exciting experiences for travelers, not to mention convenience and time-saving advantages.

Information about Cat Hai Cable Car - Cat Ba Island

  1. The length of Cat Hai - Phu Long route is 3,955m. (was put into operation)
  2. The length of the whole route when completed is about 21km.
  3. Including 60 cabins, each cabin can accommodate 30 guests.
  4. Capacity: 4,500 guests / 1 hour for Cat Hai - Phu Long leg.
  5. Ticket price: 100,000 VND / 1 ticket / 1 way.
  6. Having the world's highest expected cable car pylon at 214.8m from the natural ground.

In order to build a green space with smokeless vehicles but still ensure the connection and convenience between attractions.

Cable car is one of the "above vehicles" that not only protects the environment but also gives visitors great experiences, enjoying the scenery from above, convenient transportation and saving time.

Cabin Cat Ba Cable Car

Directions to Cable Car Station

Cat Hai Cable Car Station is about 3km from Got Ferry Terminal and is on the way to the ferry terminal.

When you cross the Tan Vu - Lach Huyen sea bridge, go about 2km further to reach Vinfast factory.

From the Vinfast factory, looking to the left is the way to Cat Hai Cable Car Station.

Through the factory, go about 200m, you come to a red light intersection, turn left and go straight to the station.

Directions to Cable Car Station

Regulations on carry-on baggage on the Cable Car

Each traveler is only allowed one piece of hand luggage (excluding strollers, wheelchairs).

The maximum baggage size allowed in the cabin is as follows:

  • - Height < 80cm
  • - Length < 60cm
  • - Width < 30cm
  • – Maximum weight: 30 kg

Please refer to the details of the Baggage Regulations in the image below.

 Regulations on carry-on baggage on the Cable Car

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