Cat Ba - Little heart of blue sea

Cat Ba – An archipelago contains 367 islands including Cat Ba island to the South of Ha Long bay, belonging to sea area of Hai Phong Province’s sea adjacent to Quang Ninh Province.

It is 30 km away from the center of Hai Phong City and 25 km from Ha Long City. Cat Ba Island is a World Heritage Site designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Cat Ba island, also known as Pearl island, is the biggest island among 1.969 islands of Ha Long bay.

The name Cat Ba is derived from a legend that back in the day of wartime, woman in the region took the responsibility of the rear for man to fight in the front.

The name Cat Ba is originally Cac Ba which means Women. An adjacent island is named Cat Ong (Cac Ong – Men.)

The climate on Cat Ba island is less hot in the summer and less cold in the winter than the mainland due to the forest covering the entire island.

To be more exact, the average temperature during the year is 25-28°C, 10-20°C in the winter and 25-35°C in the summer.

Things not to miss:

Cat Ba National Park offers a beautiful and diverse range of ecosystems to explore and indulge in the tranquility.
• There are a plenty of caves throughout the island that boast impeccable stalactite and stalagmite formations. It is advised to bring/wear sturdy shoes as the terrain can be rough and slippery.
• Head to the South-West of Cat Ba island to indulge in exquisite beaches.
• Many long tailed macaques can be found on the island, sometimes using tools to hunt and forage for their food.
• Hospital Cave has 17 underground rooms. It was operational until forty years ago, either as a hospital or as a safe haven.
• Cannon Fort is home to unique and wondrous views over Lan Ha Bay, especially at sunset.
• Viet Hai is a quaint and secluded village previously inaccessible to outsiders. The local culture still presides, and visitors can now experience true cultural immersion, awe-inspiring hikes and swimming in cool natural springs.